The 20th edition of A Museum (of theatre), opened its doors in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the opening of the Kaleidoscop Festival. This project was part of a decentralized cooperation agreement between Tuzla and Saint-Denis. These two cities have in common to consider the diversity of cultures and origins of their inhabitants as a real wealth that they wish to develop. Both wish to allow the sensitive and artistic expression of the inhabitants to reach a better living together.

As far as Tuzla is concerned, it was also an opportunity to look back at the still close past of the Bosnian war, from 1992 to 1996, to which it paid a heavy price. This is the first time that the Museum (of Theatre) opens its doors in a place where the wounds are still very close and very vivid. Our installation has taken part, in its humble measure, in the healing of a country that, out of respect for the different communities it unites, has three presidents of the Republic.


Conception : Clyde Chabot
Scenography : Annabel Vergne
Adaptation to the scenography : Charlotte Arnaud
Photos : Darko Zabus
Voice over & Performers : Amila Besirovic & Mirza Pinjic
Musicians : Iena Hadjukov & Dino Hukic Amra Cebic
Administration : Clotilde Allard
Production assistants : Marie Gaillard & Amra Cebic
Communication : Marion Bernardin


Two theatrical and musical performances were presented with two actors from Youth Theatre Tuzla and two musicians from Balsika – The Balkan Alsatian Orchestra (contemporary and traditional artists) in collaboration with Clyde Chabot. They were presented each day within the installation to question the resonances of the play Hamlet-Machine in the very particular context of Bosnia, today.