Born from a utopia, La Ferme du Bonheur brings together agriculture and culture on the edge of the A14 motorway. It is in this unusual place that the 19th edition of the installation took place as part of the Contre Fêt’ Nat’ of the 27th season of Les Grâces.


Conception: Clyde Chabot
Scenography: Annabel Vergne
Adaptation to the scenography: Gilone Brun
Photos: Sandrine Lehargue
Administration: Clotilde Allard
Production assistants: Marie Gaillard and Marion Bernardin
Production assistants: Marie Gaillard & Amra Cebic


It was an opportunity for an artistic encounter between Roger des Prés, performer at the microphone, and Clyde Chabot, director.

Both have performed and reperformed certain texts over the years and decades. They have explored the resonance and deep meaning of certain authors yesterday and today: in particular Jean Genet for Roger Des Prés and Heiner Müller for Clyde Chabot. They have regularly used these works as the basis for the scenographic device.