CHICAGO-reconstitution is the story by Clyde Chabot of the premature birth of her daughter, in the United States in 2002. The medical world, the worries, the joys and the potentials associated with the birth of this fragile being suddenly arise in a country that is not theirs. 16 years later the child discovers her native land and looks at what constitutes her. Mother and daughter display this extraordinary destiny in a quadrifrontal device, conducive to intimacy with the public and question our lives that chance upsets.

Internationally, Clyde Chabot performs this text in english with a professionnel or amateur local actress, her daughter being on line in Paris via WhatsApp.


Cast Scenic Edition #2 : Text & conception Clyde Chabot / Actresses : Clyde Chabot & Ysé Allegret / Outside view Stéphane Olry


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When I reopened my eyes in Chicago, the nurses around me were wearing headbands with red flashing lights at the end of their antennas.

Like in a Disney movie.

It was Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2002, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our daughter should have been born in April, in a hospital in Paris in France.
She was born that day at 11:40 am “extremely premature’’ on the other side of the Atlantic

At Rush Hospital in Chicago

About 2 pounds at 26 weeks 4 months early.


“Clyde Chabot abandons all sentimentalism in the flow of memories that she recounts, she goes back against the current in her memory to write as closely and as accurately as possible this intimate adventure that immediately catches us and keeps us in suspense from end to end, causing us amazement, waves of emotion and laughter as some situations are funny despite the tension of the context. Even though the topics of filiation and motherhood are present in “SICILIA” and “TUNISIA”, never have the subjects been discussed in Clyde Chabot’s work in such an organic and constitutive way of writing.”

By Marie Plantin,, January 27, 2020 


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