The Romanian edition of the installation gave rise to engaged portraits in which the visitors brought history into play, with the figures of Ceaucescu and Illescu and the traces left by the communist regime in urbanism and individual and collective memory. Some visitors took a stand in relation to the demonstrations of the last three years. Others made more personal portraits, both intimate and universal. Here is a selection of some of the portraits from this edition.


Conception: Clyde Chabot
Scenography: Annabel Vergne
Scenographic adaptation: Charlotte Arnaud
Photos: Lavinia Pollak
Administration: Clotilde Allard
Production assistant: Lison Foulou
Photographs: We would like to thank the photographers Marcel Schreiter, Sergiu Brega, Adrian Câtu, Andrei Radu for the free loan of their photographs as well as the agencies Mediafax (Christophe Simon, Philippe Bouchon, Andreea Alexandru, Alexandru Dobre, Emanuel Parvu) and Reuters (Fatih Saribas).


Two performers, Alexandra Balasoiu and Denis Bolborea, from the Tangaj Dance Collective, accompanied by the choreographer Simona Deaconescu and Clyde Chabot, activated the installation’s device each day in order to question, through the body, the voice and the image, the resonances of the Hamlet-machine text today in Bucharest.

Fragments of the play, in voice-over or carried by the performers on stage via microphones, found a particular echo 30 years after the fall of Ceaucescu and at a time when Bucharest has been the scene of huge demonstrations in recent years without succeeding in bringing about the hoped-for change.