Stolen Papers

Clyde Chabot wrote Papiers volés after her wallet was stolen in the spring of 2021 in Marseille, where she had just moved.

Starting from the anecdotal, the text questions the author’s attempt to put down roots in the south of France, where her grandparents arrived from Tunisia in the 1950s and where she grew up as a child. And of living between two cities, Paris and Marseilles, today, with the health crisis as a subtext. The play also paints a passionate portrait of the city through the prism of theft, the lost property department and certain flowery neighbourhoods. Based on a news item, it is a questioning of identity going back to the earliest childhood that resurfaces, as the dramatic and choreographic writing unfolds. The writing appears as a jolt, a possible solution, to lead the investigation back to the thief and reclaim one’s own identity.


“On the stage, Clyde Chabot, choreographer and dancer Fabio Dolce, and director and dancer Carole Errante re-enact this initial robbery, diffracting and multiplying their artistic singularities to unfold the various layers of our composite identities, From Sicily to Tunisia, from Paris to Marseilles, from uptown to the housing estates, she continues to write about what continues to move within us, across generations and continents, about our capacity to be plural. e.s, beyond the injunctions of identity”.

Laurence de la Fuente, playwright


Following a Permutation in July 2021 at Pôle Nord / Agence de Voyages imaginaires in Marseille, this creation was hosted in residency by Lieux Publics, Centre national et Pôle européen de création pour l’espace public in Marseille and at La Distillerie, Lieu de Fabrique in Aubagne, before opening to professionals on 1 June, followed by a performance at Théâtre Jean Vilar in L’Ile-Saint-Denis as part of the Scènes du 6 festival. It will continue in autumn 2022 at La Distillerie and Théâtre de la Cité in Marseille. After an initial stage production in spring 2022, the challenges are to develop the choreographic, sound and video work.


Text: Clyde Chabot
Direction and choreography: Clyde Chabot, Carole Errante and Fabio Dolce,
Scenography : Charlotte Arnaud
Lighting: Juliette Romens, Thibault Gaigneux, Pierre Gaillardot
Costumes: Gwladys Duthil
Video: Trecy Afonso / Muriel Habrard
Photography: Raphaël Arnaud


Text extract

And if this was what it meant to take root in Marseille
This flight as an obligatory passage
A baptism of the city
Beyond the shore, the hills, the landscapes and sunsets

The brutality
Like an entry into intimacy
Marseille with this flight takes away all my identity

Takes me naked
In full
In her arms
Like an obligation to start over

To really arrive here
Like an obligatory break-in
To fit into the landscape

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