Permutation #20 – september 8-10 2023

For this 20th Permutation, Clyde Chabot has brought together Australian artists Adriano Cortese and Patrick Moffatt from the Ranters theatre company, Yves Fravega (director and artistic director of the Compagnie L’Art de vivre), experimental musician Phabrice Petitdemange and set designer Pia de Compiègne to explore their intuitions and avenues of research on existing projects or those in gestation, and to put themselves at each other’s service.

The joy of experimentation
Without the constraints of production
With a smiling lightness, to test a few incongruous positions in the public space at the initiative of Adriano Cortese and Patrick Moffatt in preparation for a film on a future project.
Diffracting a text by Michel Surya on the death of the Marquis de Sade using microphones, musical instruments and words, at the invitation of Yves Fravega
Testing my new text Deux frères avec tous (Two Brothers with All) in space and music with sound designer Phabrice Petitdemange
To experiment with project extensions/disruptions with Pia de Compiègne

This edition took place from 8 to 10 September 2023 at the Comptoir de la Victorine in Marseille (13).