Sicily, it’s been a long time since Clyde Chabot’s ancestors left it to reach France, via Tunisia. The author-director reconstructs the scattered pieces of a puzzle that only her imagination can complete. The names of Agrigento, Palermo and Messina constitute in this perspective some interesting impulses. A piece of Italian cheese or an embroidered sheet… Clyde Chabot shares her family’s strange madeleines at the table with the spectators.

This story also questions migration, intimately and collectively, and its consequences, yesterday, today: leaving one’s culture, one’s language, to try to blend into a welcoming society, French society. Until the almost total oblivion and dissolution of its origins. Almost. The spectators are gathered around a large table, as if they were members of her family.


Text, conception and play : Clyde Chabot
Outside view and scenography : Stéphane Olry
Production : La Communauté Inavouable
Editions : Les Cygnes


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“To do it the other way. To rebuild. To gather. To try to do it.
With very little memory transmitted. Very few things.
What is this Sicilian culture that has dissolved living no trace in me?
To go on a journey, not to discover new territories but to give substance to names I’ve heard since childhood : Palermo, Messina, Agrigento. And the name of this village my aunty mentioned as well : Cugnio, supposed to be the original village of my grandfather’s family. No paper to check this out. The fire at her home destroyed everything.
All traces. Unless a document still exists somewhere… »


“In search of lost time, Clyde Chabot tries to answer, through her concerns, to the essential question to which each of us is, one day, inevitably confronted: what is the basis of the “identity” of the migrants that we are? And her quest, sensitive and fine, has become ours.”

Yves Kafka,, February 2013

The staging and the scenography want to expose, an intimate theatre at the same time ceremonial and convivial. At the end of the table, our host, Clyde Chabot. In her way, delicate, modest, halfway between the inside and the outside, the emotion held and the humour never far.”

Marie Plantin, Premiè, October 2011

At the same time guest, visitor and spectator, everyone feels part of an impalpable community. Like the end of a meal with friends where someone reveals a secret story.”

Mari-Mai Corbel, September 2011