After a very strong edition in April 2014 at the Seoul Art Space_Mullae, the Museum opened its doors at EXCO Daegu, in the south of the country, at the invitation of the Young Artists Project, an international visual arts programme from Wednesday 12 to 16 November 2014.

Opening the doors of the (Theatre) Museum in South Korea is a unique and extreme artistic and political experience: the division still at work in this country between communism in the North and liberalism in the South is close to the division between East and West that inspired Heiner Müller when he wrote his play Hamlet-Machine. This play is at the origin and centre of this project.

The two parts of this country are in a process of rapprochement that regularly fails. The Museum (of theatre) is a tool for augmented perception of contemporary history in action. The portraits created by the visitors reveal the sensitive and intimate aspect of this country’s unique political situation.


Concept: Clyde Chabot
Scenography & Photography: Annabel Vergne
Translation: Hyun Joo
Administration: Juliette Caillet