Following editions in Germany, France, India, Taiwan, Canada and Sweden, Le Musée (de théâtre), a participatory theatrical and photographic installation, opened its doors in Seoul from 17 to 20 April at the Seoul Art Space_Mullae, in partnership with the Korean company SOROart.



Concept: Clyde Chabot
Scenography & Photography: Annabel Vergne
Korean performance art director: Jaeseon Moon
Sound creation: Ryang-Seob Shin
Contemporary dancers: A-Reum Choi and Soojin Park
Performer: Eunsung Cho


In Seoul, eight musical and choreographic performances lasting between 15 and 40 minutes, created as part of an artistic collaboration between Jaeseon Moon and Clyde Chabot, were presented to the public.

Through their dance and the video projection of their own selection of historical and contemporary photographs of their country, three dancers evoked a political portrait of South Korea (questioning its relationship with the USA, North Korea, Japan and authority). One of the dancers, a traditional mask dancer, entered the performance wearing a traditional woman’s mask, before putting it down and appearing with her real face.

The musician composed his music differently each evening, using sounds produced and captured inside and outside the venue. Jaeseon Moon himself took part in one of the performances, as did Clyde Chabot.