The Kashi Art Gallery in Kochi, co-directed by Dorrie Younger and Anoop Skaria, is internationally renowned. It programmed A Museum (of Theatre) in January 2010, because this proposal echoes the political commitment of Indians in Kerala, where the Communist Party is in power. The use of the local language and English made the project accessible to all. The installation welcomed 350 visitors.

Ajit Singh, the original cythare master from Benares, who is also in residence at the gallery, improvised as part of the installation, sitting in front of a photograph of the Ganges in Benares.


Concept: Clyde Chabot
Scénography: Annabel Vergne, Magalie Lochon
Photography: Ema Cima
Administration: Delphine Naissant

With the support of the Via le monde service of the Conseil Général de Seine-Saint-Denis, the Fonds de solidarité et de coopération internationale of the Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France, the Alliance Française de Trivandrum and as part of the Bonjour India! programme of the French Embassy in Delhi.