Childhood friend

A Childhood friend is about a friendship between teenagers which is suddenly interrupted by a paternal ban. One lives in a castle in the middle of the woods, the other in a housing estate. 37 years later, the two former friends meet in a walk along a river at the invitation of a third. But something is missing, continues to be missing.

This text is also the occasion to look back at the 80s, in a village, in Sologne and to the figure of the father.

The stage edition is designed according to several variations. It will be carried by one to 2 performers and a musician.

The scenography is a labyrinth of salt drawing a mysterious path. This labyrinth allows the narrator to invoke and bring back from the past her brutally lost friend. Idealized in the past. She appears to have retained her youth, as if time had had no effect on her.

The walking edition invites spectators to a walk in the landscape punctuated by stations. The narrator and the audience walk together in nature. Words bring out the past of an 80’s adolescence. They recreate in the present the drama of the past: a walk between friends who have lost sight for decades, at the edge of the water. The spectators become the ghosts of this scene, witnesses of this day of reunion as the narrator rewrites and replays.

> Show in creation 2021/ A first sketch was made at the Silo in Méréville in September 2020. 


Walking edition
Text & conception : Clyde Chabot
Play : Peggy Péneau & Lola Guiton

Stage edition
Text & conception : Clyde Chabot
Play : Peggy Péneau & Lola Guiton (play) / Music : Eryck Abecassis or eRikm / Outside view : Laurence de la Fuente / Scenography : Charlotte Arnaud / Lights : Erika Sauerbraun


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You did not answer:
“Yes. So do I…
I tried to run away
So many times
I didn’t make it
My father always caught me
On the way to the castle
On my bike On my Mobylette Hitchhiking
He ran after me like a madman
like the first time
in the spiral staircase
to my Sleeping Beauty room”