Clyde Chabot graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques – Paris Political Studies Institute –, Paris 3 University with a thesis on “Contemporary theatre of extreme in our society” and subsequently attended the Nomad Unity classes on stage direction (with Matthias Langhoff in Burkina Faso and Piotr Fomenko in Moscow) after which Clyde became François-Michel Pesenti’s stage assistant in Marseille.

In 1992, she creates her own company, La Communauté inavouable, and she stages Heiner Muller’s Hamlet-machine (2000-2011), Robert Pinget’s L’Hypothèse (1997), Hubert Colas’ Stranger than kindness, adapted from Temporairement épuisé (1995) Yan Allegret’s Ils tracèrent des chemins sans direction vers la nuit de leur corps (2003), Face à face : la nuit des corps in Burkina Faso (2001), Un peu de poussière de chair, la nuit (1998-1999) and her own texts : Comment le corps est atteint (2005-2006), 2007-2010 Medea : tragicomedy….

Her latest works have been presented in Taipei Guling Street Theater (Taïwan), at the Paris Atelier du Plateau, at Ferme du Bonheur in Nanterre, at Khiasma Space in Lilas (Paris suburbs), at the Kashi Art Gallery in Kochi (Kerala, Inde), at Gare au Théâtre and Studio Théâtre in Vitry-sur-Seine, at the Gare mondiale of Bergerac, at Bancs Publics in Marseille… Since 2003, she has been working on an interactive theatre and photo installation: Un musée (de théâtre)/ A (theatre) museum.

In 2006, she initiated, within the company, an Experimental Theatre Observatory and in this framework she directed and compiled the issue #184 of the magazine Théâtre/Public, “Contemporary Theatre: text composition, stage composition”. In 2007 and 2008, she launches OFF Limits/ Experimental Theatre Curating Programme in Ile de France (Paris area), a partnership with 6 other venues in Ile de France. Since 1998, she teaches at the Bordeaux 3 University as an associate theatre director.