After editions in Canada, Sweden, Korea and Cambodia, The (Theatre) Museum returned to France for the first time since 2011. It opened its doors on 16 and 17 September from 2pm to 7pm at the National Archives in Pierrefitte as part of the European Heritage Days. Friday 15th was a day reserved for groups. The edition at the National Archives in the visionary architecture of Massimiliano Fuksas, allowed to strongly link History and actuality, memory and present, theatre, architecture and plastic arts.

This 15th edition welcomed a large and diversified public, individually and in groups (the Seniors of Pierrefitte, the Restos du Coeur, the Maison des Seniors of Saint-Denis, Les Femmes de l’Île of Île-Saint-Denis…). The visitors have produced very committed portraits that reflect the social, political and intimate reality of Plaine Commune, Paris and France today.


Conception: Clyde Chabot
Scenography: Annabel Vergne
Adaptation to the scenography: Gilone Brun
Photos: Philippe Monges
Administration/Management: Marie-Lorraine Lasalle
Public relations and communication: Clémence Bary and Mériadec de Rigaud
Intern: Ophélie Lemetteil