Clyde Chabot wrote this text last April after having her wallet stolen in Marseille, where she had just moved.
Starting from the anecdotal, the text paints a broader portrait of the city and her relationship to it. It questions the theft but also her move, her attempt to put down roots here, in the south, far from her Parisian life.
Through the writing, it is a whole questioning of identity that emerges and the thread of dramatic writing that unfolds.
This text was experimented on a stage for the first time during a Permutation last July at the Pôle Nord / Agence de Voyages imaginaires in l’Estaque with Fabio Dolce (dancer and choreographer – cie Essevesse) and Carole Errante (director and performer – cie la CriAtura).

Together they worked on ” Papiers Volés ” and from this meeting was born the desire to co-create a theatrical and choreographic show from the text…


Text: Clyde Chabot
Direction and choreography: Clyde Chabot, Carole Errante and Fabio Dolce,
Scenography : Charlotte Arnaud
Lighting: Juliette Romens
Costumes: Gwladys Duthil
Video : Trecy Afonso / Muriel Habrard


Text extract

And if this was what it meant to take root in Marseille
This flight as an obligatory passage
A baptism of the city
Beyond the shore, the hills, the landscapes and sunsets

The brutality
Like an entry into intimacy
Marseille with this flight takes away all my identity

Takes me naked
In full
In her arms
Like an obligation to start over

To really arrive here
Like an obligatory break-in
To fit into the landscape

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