With the Permutations, artists involved in various artistic disciplines explore, at the invitation of Clyde Chabot, together with the other participants their intuitions and lines of research. They become actors, singers, dancers, videographers, etc. no matter what their skills or incompetences are, according to the needs of each project leader. Everyone is at the service of the others and benefits from the presence of all participants for their own research. The rule is an equal sharing of time and the fact that each participant is physically involved in each project.

Equal attention is paid to each project. The goal is to experiment and test the hypotheses with respect. After that, it is up to each one of the invited artists, nourished by the common experience, to develop their project.

Permutations allow guest artists to experiment outside the classical constraints of production and professional recognition, in a spirit of caring confrontation and generous exchanges. Criticism, always respectful, becomes instantly dynamic for new experimentations.

Permutations induce risk-taking and unexpected artistic openings. By testing hypotheses concerning the writing of a text, the distribution, the scenography or the dramaturgy of a creation, what was still only an intuition becomes a work direction based on the lived experience and the feedback of the participants.

Moreover, the Permutations invite to discover other ways of creating, from one discipline to another, from one artist to another, to put oneself in a situation of observation of one’s own functioning and that of others, to disturb the points of reference between artistic disciplines, and between experimentation, research, learning, transmission and creation. Here people gather to serve one another in a rather rare movement of giving, listening and exchange.

The Communauté Inavouable stimulates and coordinates these Permutations. They take place in protected spaces, offering indoor and outdoor spaces, conducive to artistic proposals in situ. 15 Permutations took thus place in PAF at Ste Erme-et-Ramecourt, Silo in Méréville (91), in Maison Vaillant in Verrières-Le-Buisson (91), in the Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel (77), au Moulin Jaune à Crécy-La-Chapelle (77), in Teatermaskinen à Riddarhyttan (Sweden).